I have this friend of mine based in Birmingham UK, who creates video content, and he’s been enjoying that for quite a while now, it's been almost 3 years. But then, lately, he kind of reached a point where he's been struggling with this and somehow just stopped for a while. He had this feeling that the content creation process was, in a way, putting so much pressure on his schedule and he felt that the whole idea of creating content on YouTube was kind of consuming him and he was losing track of his normal life and every-time that he was gonna do anything, it was always with the focus of, "how is this going to contribute to my video creation process?". And this led to the feeling that he wasn't living his life and in a way it felt like his life was 100% influenced by the content creation.

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The Breaking Sessions Podcast

So the question is, do we get consumed by the content creation process, or do we get consumed by the creative things we do in our lives? I mean that's what I have been wondering about for a while now. And I must say that this is something that I have personally experienced, especially when... Continue reading here...